Artist development…

In this Internet age, it is more the artist or band themselves that must build the quality sound that is ready as a commercially viable product. On top of that, they need to have an already established fan base, basic music business skills, perhaps even the early music sales of a well produced CD. Labels are looking for pre-packaged, very talented musicians that are already showing their value.
A music career is a charted path to follow. Artist development involves all the issues surrounding and arising from that charted path, and crosses into knowledge of product development – the ultimate sale of the music.

It takes more then just talent to succeed in the entertainment and music industry today. Our list of services include, but is not limited to:

  •                         Songwriting
  •                         Vocal Coaching
  •                         Production
  •                         Image and fashion consultant
  •                         Photography
  •                         Music video
  •                         Packaging
  •                         Publishing
  •                         Distribution
  •                         Web and mobile solutions
  •                         Management
  •                         More…





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