Welcome to ID Media Group’s newest addition, our newly designed recording studio. Now, ID Media Group offers a professional recording facility featuring state of the art equipment for the professional recording artist. ID Audio “as we like to call it”, is also the ideal place for TV and Radio commercials, voiceovers and original music creation.

ID Media Group takes pride in the creation process from beginning to end. We offer a complete catalog of original music and lyrics. ID Media Group accommodates every project’s budget, whether it is a professional demo or a full production. All recordings are done with high definition sound. If you need to mix your sessions we also have the industries’ top mixing and mastering engineers available for your project.

Audio Mastering

In the recording studio, you record one song at a time, and the focus of the recording or mixing engineer is to make each song great. The result, however, is generally a collection of songs that all peak at different levels and may have different EQs. In the post-production phase or the (mastering phase), a professional engineer unifies the CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to give it a consistent sound from track to track.

In addition, post production can raise your album’s overall level through the careful use of compression, so your album can compete with any major label release. The mastering engineer also ensures that your music will sound great – whether it’s being played through a car stereo, a portable CD player, or a top-of-the-line stereo system. In CD Mastering, the sound of your CD will be optimized, making it sound punchy, warm, and full, while raising the overall level (volume) and highlighting details that aren’t already apparent. Post production is also helpful for addressing issues such as “pops,” out-of-phase tracks, and overall noise reduction.

Product & Marketing items

You need posters, postcards, stickers and merchandise, if you want to promote and sell your new CD or DVD project. We offer tremendous deals on promotional printed materials. Ask for our different packages that are available.

Digital Distribution

When it comes to promoting your band and selling CDs, you need to go the extra step and really promote your music in order to rise above the clutter and build awareness. That’s why we put together this collection of promotional tools.

Sell Downloads on DigStation:, the indie-only music download website, is now paying 100% of all download sales to you, the artist. You get every penny for every song or album sold on DigStation.

What you get:

ID Audio made easy: We’ll pre-register you with the web’s largest independent CD seller and ship five of your CDs straight to CD Baby.

Upgrade to iTunes with ID Audio: Your ID Audio membership allows you to make your songs available for sale as downloads on Apple’s iTunes store, Yahoo Music, and more…

CDDB and ALL MUSIC registration: Your name, album title, and track titles will automatically display when your fans pop your CD in their computer.


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